Master Trader Coaching Program

Supercharge your trading results with Private Group Coaching!

The Master Trader Coaching Program is designed to meet the needs of the individual student or professional day trader regardless of their level of experience or markets they trade.

8 live x 2-hour private group coaching and mentoring sessions, twice a week, each month.  6 pm EST to 8 pm EST. Tuesdays and Wednesdays. (Should you miss a session they are recorded for later viewing at any time).

During the coaching sessions you can type in and ask questions in real time as l discuss the many aspects of day and swing trading and you have the option of emailing me after the session with any questions that may remain unanswered as l also provide full email support.

You watch, listen and can ask questions as l explain potential trades from the last trading session and potential trades as they set up in real time during the Globex session, you learn to trade with confidence as l explain each strategy, each setup or technique step by step.

Your investment is only $97 a month, PLUS as a bonus, you receive the links to my last eight 2-hour recorded coaching sessions valued at $297!

My coaching program is 16 hours of solid life changing coaching and mentoring for serious day traders.


Monthly Coaching Membership

Only $97 a month ongoing.  Save $100 a month.

This is less than $12.25 for each 2-hour live or recorded coaching session.

Annual Coaching Membership

Only $597. Save $2,067 over the normal monthly rate.

This is less than $6.25 for each 2-hour live or recorded coaching session.


I only trade the ES. Following the new Renko times you gave us today; I can just say - It's awesome!

My trading confidence level has increased 100-fold. This is GOLDEN! I have never made so much profit in a day and without FEAR! (Well, I’m still working on the Fear part). Thank you So very much.


Last night was a great session. Actually, both two sessions have been great!

I executed my first 2B in CL this morning and within 40 seconds made $200.00.

Yes I Can, Yes I Can!!! Looking forward to tonight's session!


Excellent start to the class last night. Thank you for taking time to share with us your wealth of knowledge. I sim traded the NQ this morning from NY open till 1100am est. $550 Profit after commissions trading 1 contract per trade. I used your 2B, 34B and T2's. Thanks again. Take care and see you tonight,

~Tommy G

Your Master Trading Program is awesome!!! I have learned more from your training than I have from any other system. I am already seeing success. I am so glad I signed up – it was worth way more than the cost.

~Robert S.

1. Been learning to use the "dome" the last two days. Love it! $200.00 per day per contract. It's that simple! Mostly trading the T-20 on the NQ and CL. Yes, l can! R H.

2. You are sooo right Ray. I have doubled my account in only two weeks by screen time and watching your videos around the clock. T G.

3. Thank you Ray, this is really good stuff. I love the head stuff too. K A.

4. Thanks for another excellent class. Peace. C W.

5. Your Awesome Ray, Thank you for sharing. T G. Hi Ray, 10/10/18

It’s been a pleasure in joining you over the last few weeks on your coaching program it has certainly gave me a strong edge on my trading. Now. As I am hitting my targets everyday so far yes my targets are only $100 a day but if I hit my target every day at the end of that week I will increase by $25 and so on. My end target is $700 per contract and I have set a goal to hit this by December 2019. I trade FGBL main market looking for 2B, T2, T7 With trend 34B and 89B CL Second market 2B’s only.

~Andrew P.

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